Preparation for next Journey

After movie premiere, Hlapich and Lima started preparing for next Journey. And decision is made – Tuscany and Rome in August. Wooohoooo :) After a while, they started to prepare themselves for the second Journey. Their coach called Cro Chop took them around Slavonski Brod for a ride and practice. The two of them almost died :) But the Coach knew what he was doing.

First day – uphills! Disaster. But after practice two characters felt relief that they started to cycle better. Then, Lake Petnja and woods around it. Beautiful surrounding is great for mental relaxing.

After practices, Hlapich is ready for work in Germany, but he will practice there also. Lima will stay in Slavonia where he will cycle around it. Italy, here we come! :)

P.S. Any help about Tuscany and Rome, especially some unknown facts about this area and people, would be great. So, feel free to contact us!