In a hurry

After filming some scenes in old Tarquinia, we had to go early to reach as many distance as we can.

Tired, but motivated to cycle as far as we can.

First problem, all roads brought us back on the main “strada”, which we wanted to escape from. So, we’ve lost many kilometers finding the right path.

After one road ending, we decided to bring bikes over the road (not so smart idea), and we were found in the middle of fields of tomatoes on small road. At the end, everything went fine.


But again, we have to cycle through the main road, half highway, to reach Grosseto. We knew that it isn’t pleasant, but here, cars were driving over a 100 km/h. And another thing, You can not make some shots of surroundings because all You can see is road.


After a bit over 100 km we reached old town where we eat some light, nice food and make refreshment.