Gone with the Wind

According to our calculations, this part should be easier so we could make over 100 km to get closer our final destination – Viareggio.

Everything was planned good, except one small thing – wind. From the start in Grosseto, there was wind in the chest all the way to the Sea. Disaster.


On the way we were making plans B and C, but we hoped that wind will stop. It didn’t. Road was great, without hills, and it could be a pleasant trip, but the wind blew it all.

When we finally reached Follonica, get some rest there and grab a lunch. It gave us force to go further, and we cycled to San Vincenzo.


So, we made some calls to book a room, but in a 20 km, there was no appropriate accommodation. And now we had a problem. One reasonable solution, train to Livorno, because it was 7 PM and there was no time to cycle 50 km more. Lima fell asleep in the train. And Hlapich made plans for the next day, last day of the trip.