All roads lead to Rome

Early morning was reserved for good Italian coffee and breakfast at nice central square of Montefiascone.


Since our tablet and only source of internet was gone, we decided to buy new source, a mobile phone, which appears that can’t connect to our phones.

After that new unpleasant situation, we decided to go further, because long way expected us.

The whole effort from the day before finally paid back. Biiig downhill waited for us. And we were fast on bikes and with every second we were closer to our goal – Rome!

On our way we saw Etruscian settlements which were very impressive!


After small rest, the journey went on, and a rain caught us on our way, but it was nice refreshment!

Then another unpleasant situation – flat tire. But fast intervention saved time!


The night was fallen and we entered the Rome. The city was full of people, but over 120 km of cycling that day simple was too much for us, so we went to sleep.